Papagiannis: “After the match I had messages cursing me for the last shot”


THE Panathinaikos he never got into the spirit of fighting with her Lanternwas behind by up to 25 points and finally experienced a very easy defeat (83-69) for the 3rd matchday of the Euroleague.

One of the top winners was George Papagiannis, who scored 15 points on 3/4 3-pointers. The one he lost was the one in the last attack, with the Greek center stressing that they were his friends Panathinaikou he was scolded via text messages for choosing to shoot when the match was decided by a high margin.

His statements to “NOVA” in detail:

“I’ll be honest, in the previous days I was much more relaxed, but as time went on and especially in the game I was more nervous. Of course after the game I was happy because my team won. I will say this though, after the match I opened my phone and had messages cursing me for the last shot. The last shot was made because in the Euroleague you never know what can happen, you might need the extra basket. I’m not trying to apologize, I’m just saying there was a reason behind it. We keep the victory and move on”.

For the very good first quarter: “We had watched several matches of Panathinaikos, we knew where they had weaknesses and we hit there. We made a lot of mistakes at the end and we have to improve.”

For the freedom he has in the three-pointer: “For sure the coach has drunk it. I did it last year too and it’s something that all three centers have and we’re trying to enjoy it.”

Source: Sport Fm

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