Serelis: “Second match where we started badly – With performances like this we are not going anywhere”


THE Panathinaikos he never got into the spirit of fighting with her Lanternwas behind by up to 25 points and finally experienced a very easy defeat (83-69) for the 3rd matchday of the Euroleague.

After the match, Christos Serelis he emphasized that for the second time after the Super Cup final, the team entered the game miserably, while stating that this image must change drastically.

His statements to “NOVA” in detail:

About the match and the mistakes: “It’s something that can be seen, we made a lot of mistakes and we made a lot of mistakes regularly that are not visible to the common people. We scored 27 points in the first quarter and we were in the game to score more. We conceded and allowed Fener a lot of free kicks. In the second quarter, when we were better, we gave a lot of rebounds. It is easy to analyze the game. We saw a team that had energy and always found the right option, even if it didn’t go in. We weren’t good in attack and that’s how we lost our defense and in the end our self-confidence”.

For the time and appearance of Kalathis: “We expected Kalathis to play, as well as coach Itoudis’ 4s for changes to Slukas. It’s the second game that we entered the game miserably after Olympiakos in the Super Cup and we have to change it because with performances like this we’re not going anywhere”.

For Guy’s performance: “Guy is a very good player and that’s why we signed him. He can score 10 points in 5 minutes, he can score from afar. The problem we have is that we don’t have stability. One match can be played by Guy, two by Slukas, one by Kostas. We still don’t have the stability of 4-5 players to pull us through.”

For Mitoglou’s absence: “It’s one reason, but it’s not the only one and it happens to all teams. The lack of Mitoglou is an issue because he spoils our formations in the 4-5. Another one is the absence of Papapetrou, who helped us a lot with Bayern and we have to see how long he will be missed.”

Source: Sport Fm

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