Papanikolaou: “Olympiacos and Panathinaikos need time”


Dimitris Papanikolaou expressed the certainty that both Olympiacos and Panathinaikos will improve considerably in the future to News Bulletin 247. The veteran basketball player pointed out that it is still too early to draw conclusions and that it is important to be patient.

“Basketball in the 90’s was moderate in Greece, we live with the memories. We are not exaggerating when we set such high standards for our teams. Olympiacos has shown what it can do, it has paid f-4 and Panathinaikos has invested a lot of money this year. But money doesn’t play basketball, and not since October. Until Christmas at least we should give time credit, but both should have got the required wins. Health to the players”he said and added:

Olympiacos lost close to 50% of its scoring. We also saw yesterday that he had a problem scoring but there is trust in his coach. PAO has a very intelligent and good coach and I believe that he too will find his footing. Initial conclusions can also be wrong, be they good or bad.

Of course there will be criticism, but now in 2-3 games it is too early to criticize”.

Dimitris Papanikolaou then referred to details…

“What Olympiacos does and does well is that the players get into its philosophy. He puts the players in his own philosophy. We trust that everyone will join his philosophy. It will boost their ego for sure and psychology plays. But Olympiacos will definitely show faster than PAO. We know that Olympiacos has a lead and is one step ahead. In Panathinaikos there is calm and that is very good. Clearly everyone is putting in the necessary time,” stated and concluded:

“After the ten matches in the Euroleague, the teams are usually separated, but they should have won some important matches by then.”

Source: Sport Fm

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