Great PAOK, defeated Galatasaray with triple-double Fridriksson


He began in an ideal way PAOK his course in Basketball Champions League! Making a great appearance, he defeated “Sinan Erdem”beating Galatasaray 88-77considered among the favorites for the title.

Amazing performance by the outsiders of the “two heads of the North” (except Flaten), with Fredrickson to triple-double with 19 points, 11 rebounds and 10 assists. Gilmore (20 points) and Harrison (21 points) were also excellent for Fotis Takianou’s team, which even led with +19 (59-78).

The match

Harrison helped PAOK to make it 0-5 at the start of the match, with the Galata players unable to threaten inside the “black and white” racket with the “two-headed” defense. Fredrickson took the “baton” in scoring from the perimeter for the 12-4 of Fotis Takianou’s players. Galata went on a 4-0 run, finding the solutions in the opponent’s basket and reduced to 12-9.

McNeese started getting the ball right on the Turkish racket and brought it 19-12. PAOK started to find solutions from all its players from the perimeter and racket and reached 25-17 and Harrison’s three-pointer made it 19-30 at the end of the first quarter.

Martin took advantage of PAOK’s poor defense at the start of the second period and, with a personal run, cut it to 28-30, with the Chim Bomb’s run reaching 9-0 in that span. Gilmore’s three-pointer helped PAOK maintain +3 to +5 afterwards. The “two-headed” “tightened” its defense on the racket, Fredrickson was handing out assists and the “two-headed” peripherals reached 8/9 three-pointers and +7 with Gilmore as the protagonist. The American guard made it 36-47 with a personal 4-0 and Fredrickson made it 38-50 and 39-52 to end the half at 42-52.

Fridriskon made it 42-55 at the start of the third period, but there he “broke” his defense and Galata scored individually 14-4 and reduced 56-59 with first “violins” by Martin and Hailovic. Takanos changed the defense, Fredrickson continuously dished out assists, reaching 9, and his players collected the rebounds, resulting in a 6-0 run for 56-65. Fredrickson also helped offensively for the new 6-0 run and 59-71 at the end of the quarter.

PAOK started with a 7-0 run in the fourth period and reached 59-78 with Fredrickson, Gilmore and Tsiakma as protagonists, Harrison brought +18 and Fredrickson again brought +17. The pace dropped and PAOK was favored to maintain +15 to +17 in the 3′ before the end. Galata took advantage of the laxity in defense and the hasty options of the “two-headed” in the attack and reduced to 70-83 at 2’23”. Fredrickson shot 70-84 and Walden shot 72-84. Akpinar in the same way reduced to 74-84 and gave some hope to the “chim bomb”, with Harrison making it 74-85 and the match ending at 77-88 with Fridriksson’s “triple-double”.

The quarters: 19-30, 42-52, 59-71, 77-88

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Source: Sport Fm

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