Panserraikos-Aris is up in the air due to the unsuitability of the field


Suddenly… trouble at Municipal Stadium of Serres and on the air the match between Panserraikos and Mars.

As he mentioned on his air bwinSPORT FM The Kostas Dellisthere will be a meeting tomorrow Thursday (19/10) at the regional unit of Serres and it is expected to be established there if the upcoming match can be hosted!

Because it emerged after newer checks at the stadium that there is a problem with the canopy on the official platformbut also a problem with the static at port 6!

The terrible thing is that all these problems appear a few days after the works that were done on the stadium and in fact the relevant permission for hosting games of the first category had been given. Which had the result that two games of Panserraikos were already held against their opponent Ghoul and the PAS Ioannina!

It should be noted that several have already been allocated tickets for the said game, since there will also be Aris fans in the stadium, with the demand being high.

More news is expected after tomorrow’s meeting and it remains to be seen whether or not a solution can be found postponement in another match!

A solution could be to leave a part of the field closed, where there is a problem. However, such a thing seems to be difficult since the capacity in the stands will have been dramatically reduced, in one match there will also be movement of Aris fans.

Finding another stadium so soon to host the game seems difficult, unless it is decided to reverse the venue and hold the match at “Kl. Vikelides”. Or if we finally reach the last resort, postponing the game…

Source: Sport Fm

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