“I’m not even saying I was playing ball”: Richardson is now into watches!


Member of Manchester United from 2001 to 2007, Mr Kieran Richardson he went on to play for Sunderland, Fulham, Aston Villa and Cardiff before retiring aged just 32.

The veteran half-back, however, did not pursue a career as a coach or commentator, preferring to deal with… clocks!

In an interview, the 39-year-old Briton sells luxury watches, even claiming that he does not use his football past to attract customers.

When I meet someone, I don’t even say I used to play ball, I just say I sell watches for a living. In the places I go, with the business people I talk to, many do not know about football. Then many may check me out on the internet and see what I’ve been up to. My career definitely helps, it makes people feel more confident.

Football was always No1 for me but then there were watches, I always loved them, as did my father. I have always bought and learned about them. I’m blessed that I don’t have to call my job a job.”he said among other things.

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