The Euroleague meets for Maccabi and… Dubai


The scheduled meeting of its shareholders is critical Euroleague on Tuesday in Istanbul. The most basic issue has to do with Maccabi Tel Aviv and the issue that has arisen with the conduct of its matches due to the war situation with the Gaza Strip.

The scenario of Maccabi being banned, as was the case with Russian teams after the invasion of Ukraine, is not even on the table, but EuroLeague shareholders will be looking the best and safest solution for everyone. It is recalled that the people’s team has only played the first match against Partizan at home and then plays consecutive away games, including this week against Monaco.

Two scenarios have been discussed as possibilities: the first involves playing all of Maccabi’s games at the home of their opponents in the first round of the Euroleague, in the hope that the situation in Israel has normalized and they can play the entire second round at home. The second, perhaps more realistic, sees Maccabi’s home games hosted on neutral ground until further notice, with Belgrade, Nicosia or Ljubljana considered as possible venues. Maccabi are said to prefer Belgrade as their home base, but with Partizan and Red Star in the same competition and city, other issues arise.

At the meeting there may be an extended discussion about his project Dubai and the possibility of the EuroLeague expanding into that particular market. The Arabs have expressed interest, reportedly willing to help inject a lot of money into the competition and open up a new market in the league. The Euroleague teams are not negative, but they want any entry of a Dubai team to be made with conditions and restrictions such as a salary cap, so that the European teams do not become the “poor relatives” of the struggling Arabs.

Source: Sport Fm

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