London, Thanasis Gavos

He will seek explanations from the commander of the Metropolitan Police in London the responsible UK Home Secretary Suella Braverman for the reason that it does not arrests were made in gatheringswhere the slogan “jihad” was heard.

One of several rallies in the British capital in recent days on developments in the Middle East was organized on Saturday outside the Egyptian and Turkish embassies by the Muslim group Hizb ut-Tahrir, which is seen by many as operating on the edge of legality.

He can be heard in a video from the rally at least one of the members of the organization shouting “jihad, jihad” against Israel, i.e. “holy war” against the Islamists, when the main speaker asks the gathered “what is the solution to free people from the concentration camp called Palestine”.

After the reactions that were caused, the Metropolitan Police said that officers from the anti-terrorist service monitoring the demonstrations of the days, as well as the prosecutor’s office, decided that no crime was committed in this particular case.

Ms Braverman, however, is expected to tell Sir Mark Rowley that incitement to hatred or violence cannot be tolerated by the police.

Already government officials have criticized police for being overly tolerant of slogans, speeches and symbols at pro-Palestine protests in cities including London, Birmingham, Cardiff and Belfast.

Criticism has also been exercised by the Jewish organization Community Safety Trust, which deals with the protection of Britain’s Jewish community, which has said that the Metropolitan Police gives the impression that it is legitimizing hateful behavior.

Since the beginning of the month, according to the Metropolitan Police, incidents of antisemitism in London have increased by 1,353% compared to last year and incidents of Islamophobia by 140% compared to the corresponding period last year.

21 arrests have been made for hate crimes, even under anti-terrorist legislation.