On December 21 the decision on the future of the European Super League


At December 21 her future will be known European Super League (ESL)as revealed by a website specializing in sports law.

A few days before 2023 comes out, the Court of Justice of the European Union will announce his decision and it will be established whether or not he will ratify the opinion published by the Greek Attorney General, Athanasios Randos, which he issued on December 15 last year. A report that is not binding, but which, as a general rule, gathers clues as to what the final proposal might be.

According to the Attorney General, UEFA and FIFA did not abuse their dominant position by blocking the European Super League with the threat of sanctionswhich they defend Real Madrid and Barcelona.

The 17th Commercial Court of Madrid submitted in May 2021 a request to the Court of Justice of the European Union asking it to rule on whether UEFA holds a dominant position, based on the type of monopoly, in the organization of European football competitions and, consequently, whether it has the ability to sanction clubs that challenge this hierarchy and try to promote new forms of organizing, such as ESL.

According to legal sources, as reported by the Spanish newspaper, the of the Euroleague will have weight in the final decision, against which there will be no appeal and which the two disputing parties will have to take into account: UEFA on the one hand and the European Super League (ESL) on the other, with Real Madrid and Barcelona to lead the venture.

Thus, it is understood that the decision of the 15-judge Court of the EU will be binding and will mark the future of the ESL project.

Source: Sport Fm

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