Dimatos: “If the decent course continues, Greece has a lot of chances for 15th place”


The Greek teams turn their attention to the 3rd matchday of the European competitions, wanting to continue their very good course.

UEFA’s Media consultant, Andreas Dimatosanalyzed the data of the upcoming competition, as well as the results we are aiming for, other than our own.

At the same time, he clarified that as long as the dignified presence of the AEKPanathinaikos, Olympiakou and PAOK on the 3rd and 4th matchdays, Greece has many chances to be within striking distance of 15th place of the UEFA rating.

Andreas Dimatos’ post in detail:

In the shadow of the “Karaiskakis” firecracker, Greek football is preparing, or at least it should be preparing and focusing exclusively on the next two matches of the European competitions.

Traditionally the third and fourth matchdays of the groups since the first season of their establishment, when the teams face the same opponent at home and away, are the ones that largely determine the qualification process. For our country, the fight is two-sided…

At the first level, the effort of our four representatives to qualify and to remain in the European spotlight beyond December.

On the second level, the battle with five countries in order to achieve the goal of returning our country to 15th place in the UEFA rankings, which will largely determine the fate of our teams probably in the two seasons of the next three years in the European Cups with the many interesting changes, but also very good financial prospects.

And it’s very simple that… we aim for these two matches (3rd and 4th) and the three competitions, except of course the eight matches of our own teams.

We don’t want crazy things…


-Initially in the Champions League to make two on two Barcelona, ​​United and Leipzig against Shakhtar, Copenhagen and Red Star respectively

– In Europa, the two expected victories of Freiburg in the double match against Bacska Topola and to limit the hopes of the newly enlightened team qualifying for the Olympiakos group, but also to reduce the distance from Serbia. Also in… the Swedish-Norwegian derby Hacken-Molde we fanatically support the Swedish champions in the battle for third place in their group…

-Finally in the Conference we expect the double victories of Besiktas and Fiorentina over Bodo Glimt and Čukaritski and the best that the Slovaks of Spartak Trnava can do in their double duel with Norgeland.

Under these conditions and, of course, with the most basic condition of continuing at the same levels the most decent presence of the four Greek teams to date, Greece has many chances to be on the evening of November 9 (with the completion of the fourth group match) within breathing distance of the 15th place having overcome Israel (with the known problem for its teams), Norway, Ukraine and to claim the big goal not against the Czech Republic (personal assessment) but with more chances against Serbia or Denmark.

In any case, the next two matches will clarify the situation to a very large extent: both about whether our four teams will meet again, after Monaco, and in Nyon on December 18, but also about the battle for 15th place that will create much better conditions for Greek football in a particularly interesting European three-year period 2024-27 with huge changes compared to what we knew until now about the European Cups!».

Source: Sport Fm

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