Illic: “I’m very optimistic about Atromitos – This team has perspective”


Sasha Ilic gave his first statements after assuming his duties as coach of Atromitos on the team’s official website.

The Serbian technician spoke about his feelings, about the image he has of Atromitos, while he also sent a message to the world of the club on the occasion of the completion of 100 years of history.

What Sasha Ilyich said in detail:

What are your feelings about today and the impressions from your first few hours in the team?

“Really, I am very happy that from today I am the coach of Atromitos. First of all, I want to thank the president, Mr. Spanos, for the efforts he made to get us to where we are today and the Technical Director, Mr. Yiannis Angelopoulos, with whom we had very constructive discussions about the team in the last few days.

I have been here for a few hours and everyone is very friendly with me and my colleagues. From the atmosphere I am receiving and the first messages, I am very optimistic that we can do many things together with the team.”

All these days together with the partners, you did your research about the team, about its history, its facilities and its current situation. What was the element that made you accept the Intrepid challenge?

“First of all, I looked into the history of the team and saw that 2023 is significant for Atromitos, which turns 100 years old. In addition, in the last 20 years it has had many successes, with high positions in the league and participations in Europe. The team is indeed in a difficult situation, but I am sure that if we all rally around it, we can get out of the difficult situation. We are not used to such a situation. I hope, therefore, through the training sessions, because for me this is the most important part, that we start playing well, that we start getting wins and starting against Panaitolikos on Saturday, that we start raising the team”.

What is your impression of this season’s team?

“All this time I have seen all the games of Atromitos. I also saw the last match against PAOK in Thessaloniki. The team certainly does not lack quality. It has very good footballers, it has a very good roster and we can invest in it. During this time, I have also talked with my compatriots who have passed through Greece and I have learned the best about the working conditions. We have an excellent sports center, which will help us raise our level. It is one of the best in Greece. The results are not good, but believe me, this team has perspective, they have very good players and I am sure we will do very well.”

Are you optimistic about the future of the season?

“Of course, of course, for me the current standings of the team don’t tell me much. The team has a great prospect and very quality players to be able to rise to higher positions. In no way do I want to make any promises. We will give Mazarakis our best every day. If you want me to talk about promises, that’s the hard work on a daily basis.”

What have you learned about the general presence of Atromitos in Greek football?

“With those I have spoken to, what they have told me is that Atromitos is a team that always has high goals in the league. It has a very organized management and what impressed me most is that everyone told me about a family atmosphere. This element I really love, I love being part of a family and I want to build on it and change our current situation. After all, the quality exists and we can succeed.”

You left CSKA Sofia very recently. What made you go back to work so quickly?

“It really was 14 exceptional months at CSKA Sofia. We fought for the championship and finally lost it on a penalty. This is football. But now we have a new challenge. Fearless is a new challenge. Atromitos has a group of players of great quality, which I believe very much. We will try day by day to improve and take Atromitos where it needs to be.”

You also spoke about the 100 years of our team. Do you have a message to send to the world?

“Actually, before I even signed I saw about the team’s 100th birthday. I have seen about the passion of our fans. In fact, I saw that they were present even at the away match against PAOK in Thessaloniki. They were incredible. Now what I want is to see them in our own stadium, to have a strong base and all together to make a strong start with a positive result against Panaitolikos”.

Source: Sport Fm

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