Maresca report: “The two-hour stoppage underlines the seriousness of Juancar’s injury”


Another aggravating factor for the Olympiakos side in its attempt to defend itself for what happened in Karaiskakis and in the derby with Panathinaikos arises from the supplementary report by Fabio Maresca..

In this report, which the Italian sent to the League at the request of the sports judge, he states three reasons for his final decision. To third of these, Maresca explains that one of the reasons for his decision was the fact that more than two hours had passed since the temporary stoppage, then emphasizing that this element, “in any case it underlines the seriousness of the injury suffered by Panathinaikos player No.3”as it typically states.

Maresca’s supplementary report states:

“The reasons for the final stoppage of the Olympiacos – Panathinaikos match on October 22, 2023 in Athens, are due to the following previously mentioned:

1) In the indecision of the doctor, who, although he was asked several times to determine the condition of Panathinaikos No.3 player, did not express his opinion either for the restart or for the final stoppage of the match, therefore according to his regulations game, I had to personally assess the need for a permanent stoppage of the match.

2) In the fact that the agents of both clubs constantly pressured the match doctor Mr. Christos Gogos in front of me and in front of the two representatives of the Super League to decide on one or the other, asking him many times to change what he wrote.

3) In the fact that more than two hours and 20 minutes had already passed since the moment of the temporary stoppage, which in any case underlines the seriousness of the injury suffered by Panathinaikos’ player No.3.

I remain at your disposal for anything else you need.”

Source: Sport Fm

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