Olympiacos-Efes: The “red and white” win for the second time in a row


He is returning to his European duties Olympic.

The “red and white” hosts at SEF the Anatolou Efes (26/10, 22:00, NovaSports Prime, News Bulletin 247, sport-fm.gr), for its 5th matchday Euroleague.

His team Giorgos Bartzokas comes from a big win against They were partisans, with a score of 98-94 in overtime. The way this result came, after a big lead by the Serbs and a buzzer beater by Nanali which sent the match to extra time, gave the “red and whites” the necessary psychology, who found calm in a difficult period.

Indeed, although the team’s results have been far from bad, the accumulated injury problems and the two defeats by Barcelona and Armani they brought a… negative atmosphere, however against Partizan this “disappeared” in a dynamic way.

Now, o Olympic is asked to capitalize on this victory with one more, against a team that is also going through a “turbulent” period. Indeed, the Effects makes a new beginning, for the first time in years without the man who “giant” her, Ergin Atamanbut also the player who “carried” her, Vasilij Micic.

The sample that Efes has given in the first 4 games of the season is mixed. Emre Can’s side got off to a disastrous start, with two heavy defeats by Barcelona (91-74) and Real Madrid (80-103). However, in the next two more playable matches of the “devil’s week”, he recovered with wins against Villerban (89-84) and Valencia (77-73).

Efes continues to rely on the “old” Shane Larkin, Will Clyburn, Rodrigue Beaubois, Elijah Bryant and Tibor Plaisnext to which the excellent last year has been added Darius Thompson, but also some “question marks”, such as Tyreke Jones, Derek Willis and Justus Holage. They are certainly not a team that… scares, but they have players who can make them dangerous, especially if they find an attacking rhythm.

As far as racing is concerned, Effects does not face significant problems, which is not the case for him Olympicwho will line up without them Luke Sikma and Shaquille McKissick. On the positive side, the Isaiah Canaanwho was absent from training on Tuesday (24/10) due to flu, will normally be available to Giorgos Bartzokas.

The dietary triad consists of Juan Carlos Garcia, Mehdi Difala and Milos Koliencicwho will whistle the match.

The history of the matches:

27/10/1994 Efes Pilsen-Olympiakos 42-77

12/01/1995 Olympiacos-Efes Pilsen 56-79

06/11/1997 Olympiacos-Efes Pilsen 61-60

18/09/1997 Efes Pilsen-Olympiakos 67-70

10/10/2001 Olympiacos-Efes Pilsen 87-72

12/12/2001 Efes Pilsen-Olympiakos 79-80

27/11/2003 Olympiacos-Efes Pilsen 57-69

29/01/2004 Efes Pilsen-Olympiakos 61-52

09/12/2004 Olympiacos-Efes Pilsen 59-110

02/02/2005 Efes Pilsen-Olympiakos 80-54

17/11/2005 Olympiacos-Efes Pilsen 75-78

11/01/2006 Efes Pilsen-Olympiakos 77-69

22/11/2006 Efes Pilsen-Olympiakos 95-77

17/01/2007 Olympiacos-Efes Pilsen 72-91

12/11/2009 Olympiacos-Efes Pilsen 105-90

07/01/2010 Efes Pilsen-Olympiakos 85-93

01/02/2012 Olympiacos-Anatolou Ephesus 83-65

08/02/2012 Anatolou Efes-Olympiakos 65-67

19/10/2012 Anatolou Efes-Olympiakos 98-72

22/11/2012 Olympiacos-Anatolou Ephesus 75-53

10/04/2013 Olympiacos-Anatolou Efes 67-62 (Playoffs)

12/04/2013 Olympiacos-Anatolou Efes 71-53 (Playoffs)

04/17/2013 Anatolou Efes-Olympiakos 83-72 (Playoffs)

19/04/2013 Anatolou Efes-Olympiakos 74-73 (Playoffs)

26/04/2013 Olympiacos-Anatolou Efes 82-72 (Playoffs)

13/02/2014 Olympiacos-Anatolou Ephesus 78-60

04/04/2014 Anatolou Efes-Olympiakos 78-83

29/01/2015 Anatolou Efes-Olympiakos 84-70

03/26/2015 Olympiacos-Anatolou Ephesus 86-75

12/11/2015 Anatolou Efes-Olympiakos 87-91

12/18/2015 Olympiacos-Anatolou Ephesus 68-81

20/10/2016 Olympiacos-Anatolou Efes 90-66

30/03/2017 Anatolou Efes-Olympiakos 77-69

04/19/2017 Olympiacos-Anatolou Efes 87-72 (Playoffs)

21/04/2017 Olympiacos-Anatolou Efes 71-73 (Playoffs)

26/04/2017 Anatolou Efes-Olympiakos 64-60 (Playoffs)

28/04/2017 Anatolou Efes-Olympiakos 62-74 (Playoffs)

02/05/2017 Olympiacos-Anatolou Efes 87-78 (Playoffs)

22/12/2017 Anatolou Efes-Olympiakos 58-61

23/03/2018 Olympiacos-Anatolou Ephesus 89-82

13/12/2018 Olympiacos-Anatolou Ephesus 88-81

21/02/2019 Anatolou Efes-Olympiakos 75-65

07/11/2019 Olympiacos-Anatolou Ephesus 67-86

06/02/2020 Anatolou Efes-Olympiakos 91-79

30/10/2020 Olympiacos-Anatolou Ephesus 79-84

18/02/2021 Anatolou Efes-Olympiakos 76-53

17/11/2021 Anatolou Efes-Olympiakos 88-69

10/02/2022 Olympiacos-Anatolou Ephesus 87-85

19/05/2022 Olympiacos-Anatolou Efes 74-77 (Final Four)

01/12/2022 Anatolou Efes-Olympiakos 82-71

03/02/2023 Olympiacos-Anatolou Ephesus 76-70

In total: Olympiacos-Ephesus 26-25

Source: Sport Fm

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