PAOK instructions to fans who traveled to Aberdeen: Breathalyzer at the entrance, strict controls


PAOK issued strict instructions to its fans ahead of the away match against Aberdeen in Scotland, for the third matchday of the Europa Confenrece League groups.

The “double-header of the north” lists the security measures that the Scottish authorities observe, stating, among other things, that a breathalyzer test is carried out before entering the stadium and a thorough check of personal belongings.

In detail, the announcement:

“Everything that Doubleheader fans need to know who will be joining the team in Scotland for the game against Aberdeen.

Our fans’ meeting point is Castlegate, which is located within the city of Aberdeen.

The friends of Dikephalos should gather at 17:00 so that at 18:30 they can leave for the stadium on foot, escorted by the police.

The possession of alcoholic beverages, fireworks, torches, smoke generators, crackers is prohibited. Controls will be particularly strict and penalties and fines will be imposed on violators, as well as a ban on entering the stadium.

We ask our fans to follow the following, resulting from the information we received from the Scottish authorities, in order not to face the slightest problem and to seamlessly support our team in another European trip, but also in what follows in the future, as we are under strict supervision by UEFA and there is a risk of punishment in future games.

Detailed instructions:

PAOK fans can approach the stadium on foot via Park Road and enter from South Walkwat. There will be a ticket check and a breathalyzer test in the first block and in the second there will be a physical check, as well as bags and banners. All bags are checked. If you don’t need your bags, don’t take them to the stadium with you. Backpacks or smaller are allowed.

Buses with Dikefalos fans can drop off passengers in the city and park at the stadium two hours before kick-off. Entry is not permitted from the South Walkway. Coaches should enter the course from Golf Road and from there they will be directed to the Golf Road Car Park. If buses arrive at the stadium full, they should arrive one hour before half-time, when the stadium turnstiles open. BUSES ARE PLEASED NOT TO LEAVE FANS AROUND THE FIELD EARLIER THAN ONE HOUR BEFORE CUT-OFF.

PAOK fans will be in sections P, Q and R, in the eastern part of the north stand. Partitions and netting have been installed in these sections for safety reasons.

The stadium turnstiles will open one hour before half-time and maybe earlier if there is crowding.

There will be two food outlets in the visitors’ stand, from the time the doors open until the PAOK fans leave.

Alcohol consumption is prohibited on the field. Alcohol is not sold or consumed inside the stadium.

Fireworks, smoke generators, horns, flares, sharp and dangerous objects, laser devices, glass objects, tins, pipes and obviously knives, as well as anything that can harm someone’s physical integrity are prohibited on the field. There is a strict law in force in Scotland regarding fireworks. Aggressive behavior is considered the use and possession of pyrotechnic material in a public place, but also at specific events.

It is a criminal offense to enter or attempt to enter the stadium with objects that may contain liquids and be thrown onto the stadium and cause bodily harm, as well as to enter or attempt to enter with or under the influence of alcohol.

Fans are asked not to enter the pitch, or around it, unless instructed to do so by stadium security or the police. Entry there may result in removal from the field and arrest.

Smoking and the use of e-cigarettes are prohibited in the stadium.

If damage is caused to chairs, toilets and any facility of the stadium, the cost will be borne by our team.

Banners and large flags are prohibited, unless there is a special agreement with the home team. Banners and flags should meet the requirements of stadium fire safety measures. Banners should not cover billboards or endanger people working on the field. The size and content of the banners will be determined by home team security.

In order for any drum or musical instrument to enter the stadium, it must have permission from the home team. Fans should know that safety in the stadium is a matter for all of us.

If you see any offending behaviour, please report it to stadium security or a member of the team.”

Source: Sport Fm

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