Ketsetzoglou: “Fuck AEK for Stankovic and referee-VAR mistakes”


In his mistake Chisan Stankovic and the wrong referee and VAR decisions focused on Kostas Ketsetzoglou in his comment to News Bulletin 247 for defeat of AEK by Marseille (3-1).

It remains to be damned, because no one knows what would have happened in this game if it were not for Stankovic’s mistake and the referee’s decisions. Stankovic will unfortunately have to live with this. He is having an amazing year this year, he has played a key role, especially in the European games, but also in the league with his absences. The whole team rushed over to support him“, he said.

Speaking about the referee and VAR decisions he said: “Based on the picture of the game, Marseille were entitled to take the lead in the first half based on chances, but not with the goal which was a clear foul on Vida. I’m more into VAR than the referee. These are phases that the referee may not have a clear picture of. Just as VAR helped the referee to send off Stankovic, which was correctly given because he has no intention of playing the ball, so he should have called him on the first goal and the second penalty. In this penalty the Marseille player chases the touch, there is no turnover, it is pulled by the hair and gives the free kick to AEK».

In closing, he commented on the amazing atmosphere and hospitality of Marseille to the friends of AEK. “Certainly AEK lost and was wronged by the referee, but what those who traveled to Marseille experienced was unforgettable. I hope we can repay them in Athens in two weeks».

Source: Sport Fm

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