“Alvarez caressed the World Cup trophy as if it were his first child”


THE Julian Alvarez played his own pivotal role in its conquest World Cup from Argentina in Qatar The 22-year-old forward managed to raise his stature and get… the look of a great footballer, being one of his supporters Lionel Messi in the frantic march of “albiseleste” towards the cup.

Pablo Gonzalez, creator of the documentary about Argentina’s winning of the trophy, spoke about the Julian Alvarez and the humility he has as a character, deifying him.

“Julian has so much humility that it’s hard for him to talk about himself, it’s unusual. He’s… a monster, but it’s hard for him at the same time. He is a beautiful child. He is the one who caressed the World Cup trophy the most, almost as if it were a baby.

When we gave it to him, he stroked it so lovingly that I asked him if he understood what he was doing. He caressed the trophy and looked at it as if it were his first child”he said.

THE Alvares in the recent World Cup he scored 4 goals, some of them catalysts, scoring against Poland, Australia and Croatia (ds).

Source: Sport Fm

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