The Midas touch: The pink jersey of Inter Miami the hottest of sports merchandise!


Could an MLS team ever feature the hottest… look of the entire planet?

And yet, the Lionel Messi it once again worked its magic, being the number one reason why her pink look Inter Miamiof a team that until recently was one of the worst in MLS, has become known in every corner of the globe, breaking one sales record after another!

A few months after managing to lead Argentina’s national team to the top of the world, Messi made the decision to move to United States on behalf of David Beckham’s team, which in just a few nights became known to anyone involved in football.

The special one Inter Miami pink jerseyfor three months now, that is, as long as Messi has been wearing it, it has become the new thing Adidas best-seller in many parts of the world, approaching the sales of appearances of football giants such as Manchester United, Real Madrid, Juventus, Bayern Munich and Arsenal.


His jerseys Messi they now sell more than any other athlete in the US, and since the day he moved to Inter Miami, the club’s value has skyrocketed from $56 million to $600 million! No matter where you are, your eye will always catch someone wearing a pink shirt with the number 10 on the back!

A Messi who as another Midas, turns everything it touches into gold! Able to put a team that basically came from… nowhere, on the lips of football fans everywhere.

Inter Miami's pink jersey is selling like crazy

Inter Miami's pink jersey is selling like crazy

Source: Sport Fm

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