Original 21: “Our sacred obligation to repay what we experienced in Marseille”


The obligation to repay the fraternal hospitality which was met in Marseilles by her organized followers Marseillethe counterparts of AEK emphasized through their post.

Specifically, the Original 21 she talked about experiences that will carry them for a lifetime, while… she renewed the appointment with her French friends at the game between the two teams in New Philadelphia (9/11, 10:00 p.m.).

Original 21’s announcement:

We all knew these games would be the culmination of a decades long story. A relationship that developed into friendship and brotherhood, literally. Which was supported beyond the narrow field/supporter contexts, by the dedication, trust and solidarity between us.

Now EVERYONE felt, EVERYONE understood. We will carry what we experienced in Marseille until we close our eyes. The younger ones will pass them on to the next generations and so on. It is now our purpose, goal and sacred obligation to do everything possible so that our brothers feel the same, in a few days when we will host them in our country. We all help, we all participate, we all offer. The story continues…

Freres, merci pour TOUT! A nouveau ENSEMBLE dans quelques jours (s.s. ”Brothers, thank you for everything. Together again in a few days”)!».

Source: Sport Fm

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