Magnuson: “A big thank you to everyone at Panathinaikos, I will come back stronger”


Hordur’s serious injury Magnuson he hurt his whole “family”. Panathinaikou. After all, his void is difficult to fill in a demanding period for the “clover” in Greece as well as Europe.

However, in the interview he gave to Match Programme for the match against Panserraikos, the Icelandic defender is convinced that his teammates will succeed even without him to achieve their goals!

At the same time, through her, Magnuson he returns the love he received the previous period and promises to come back stronger…

In detail what he said:

It’s been a month since your injury and everyone understands that this is the worst period in a football player’s career. How do you deal with the situation knowing that you have a long way to go before returning?

It’s not easy to deal with a blow like that, especially when we’re doing so well. But when something like this happens, it has to be for a reason and now my goal is to come back stronger than ever. The hardest thing for me is watching from the stands and not being able to help in any way. But I have absolute faith in our team. We can achieve the goals we set.

You’ve been through the process of a serious injury before. What were the thoughts that went through your mind immediately after the unfortunate moment you had and how do you feel about it a month later?

I have the experience of an injury of a different kind. Last time it was the Achilles tendon, but I recovered from that and the whole process made me stronger. This is a different journey. The first few days after this injury I was sad, but now I’m adamant to get back as quickly as possible.

How is your daily life now and what is the plan for your comeback?

I had my surgery a few weeks ago. I have been working very closely throughout this time with the physical therapists to make sure that the rehabilitation is done properly. I only have thanks for the entire staff of Panathinaikos who help me along this path. In the morning I wake up early and swim. However, during the first few weeks of recovery, you can’t do that much. But I try to do as much as possible.

You are going through a difficult period but at the same time you felt the love of the world towards you. How do you feel having received so many messages of support from the friends of Panathinaikos?

First of all, I want to thank each and every one of the Panathinaikos fans. They showed me love from day one. Truly, this is the most unique and beautiful group of fans I have experienced in my career. I will treasure all the messages and want them to know how much they mean to me. I know our fans appreciate me and I appreciate them the same!

How did it feel to see your teammates lift your jersey a few days after the injury?

It felt really good. We are a very tight knit group! In this group I have made many lifelong friends. This is what it means to play for Panathinaikos! I can’t wait to get back on the field and play with these guys again.

There are teammates on your team who have gone through the same process you are going through now. Did their advice and discussions with them help you?

Yes, players who have experienced a similar situation gave me some good advice about their experiences and that really helped. Having these guys by my side means a lot.

In this difficult moment the team stood by you by offering you a new contract. How did you feel when you heard the news?

It was the most wonderful feeling! When you’re dealing with an injury like this, you don’t know what the future holds. My contract was up at the end of the season and for Panathinaikos to show me this faith was a wonderful gesture. I’ll never forget it and I’ll do everything I can to repay the people in the team for the trust they put in me.

Your absence hurts the team on a competitive level as well, especially in a particularly demanding period with continuous matches in Greece and Europe. It is certain that our defenders will have a lot of work to do…

This is going to be a tough season but let’s hope everyone stays fit and healthy. I’m not worried about our rear guard. All of them are beasts and confident. They can do the job. I would trust them with my life!

The next opponent in the championship is Panserraikos, a good team that returns after years in the big division. Do you think the game hides traps?

Newcomers to the division are always dangerous opponents. They have nothing to lose by playing against Panathinaikos. A lot of times when we play against these kinds of teams, it’s more difficult than against others who are considered stronger. But if we play our ball, I’m sure things will go well.

This year Panathinaikos, compared to previous seasons, looks more efficient and more productive in the games with the so-called “small and medium” teams. How do you explain that?

We have so many options everywhere and our game is so versatile! The quality we have does not surprise me because in the final we are Panathinaikos! Quality and Panathinaikos are two things that go together.

Knowing the team well, are you optimistic about achieving the goals you set from the beginning?

I’m sure we can claim everything this season. The team is playing great and we are getting good results. Let us continue in this direction and in the end we will be rewarded.

What is the message you want to send to your teammates?

Go for it! Do it! We were so close to the title last year and if we play our cards right we can do it this season. I have so much faith in these guys and I’m sure we can do it. As for the message, if I could send something to my teammates, I would probably use Al Pacino’s speech in the movie Any Given Sunday and that would be more than enough…

Source: Sport Fm

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