The reasoning behind the decision for Olympiacos-Panathinaikos


At noon on Monday, its reasoning was published on the Super League website decision which she took Super League Primary Disciplinary Committee for the derby Olympiacos-Panathinaikoswhich was interrupted after a firecracker was thrown and Huancar was injured.

The rationale extends to 40 pages and it becomes clear how the physical damage of the football player is established beyond any doubt, while the reasons that the judge comes to this conclusion are analyzed. Also, the referee’s decision to stop the game is fully justified, while it is reported that there were modifications by the match doctor in his initial opinion.

It is recalled that the decision was that Panathinaikos wins the derby against Olympiakos with a score of 3-0, while the “red and whites” are deducted a point and are given a penalty of two matches behind closed doors, as well as a fine.

Read here in detail the rationale for the decision

Important points of the reasoning of the decision state:

“As a result of throwing a firecracker in the 49th minute of the match, while the players of both (2) teams were warming up in front of Gate 28, was the injury of the soccer player of the visiting team Perez Lopez Juan Carlos – Juancar with jersey number 3, who similarly did warm-up at the point, with the following consequence the final stoppage of the match, as it was decided by

match referee”.

“The doctor of the match established in the context of the examination of the aforementioned player, in the first half, that is, while the last (player) was still on the ground, he suffered a temporary loss of hearing in the (AP) ear due to the extended explosion, while at the same time he was unable to rise from the ground and presented horizontal nystagmus, which was caused as a consequence of the noise from the aforementioned explosion”.

“During this consecutive medical examination of the injured player by the match doctor, in the presence, among others, of the aforementioned two doctors of the teams, namely that of the home team and that of the visiting PAE respectively, it was found that the football player still presents instability, but also to suffer from hearing impairment, elements which, considered cumulatively and in combination, constitute the concept of physical damage”.

“In the judgment of this disciplinary body, the extrapolated time limit of one (1) hour in no way negates the given existence of already two (2) consecutive medical findings and diagnoses by the Match Doctor in reference to the

occurrence per se at the expense of the soccer player in question, physical damage, consisting in particular of a loss of hearing in his left ear, as a result of the firecracker being thrown near the firecracker. After approximately one (1) hour had passed, the match doctor noted an improvement in the player’s hearing, but his inability to stand up. At this point, it should be pointed out that it is an objective finding by the match doctor that there is an inability of the player to stand up (“… he could not stand up…”), a weakness which obviously equates to his inability to play, without trying to record this explicitly and unequivocally the Doctor of the match, i.e. without the need for absolute adherence to the words, since it is not possible, based on the rules of elementary common sense, for a player who is unable to stand up to be able to participate in any way in a football match».

Source: Sport Fm

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