Tzanetopoulos on bwinSPORT FM 94.6: “Last year’s Lamia season made us stubborn and tied us down”


The high level of the teams in this year’s Stoiximan Super League was mentioned by Adam Tzanetopouloswho commented on Lamia’s competitive rise and the goals that have been set.

The defender of Fthiotes spoke on his show Michalis Tsochou to News Bulletin 247 about the … stubbornness that his team acquired after last year’s adventures and did not rule out the possibility of a surprise in this year’s championship.

In detail, what he said on the show of Michalis Tsochos on News Bulletin 247:

For the adventurous finale of last season and the good start that Lamia has made this year: “There is satisfaction for sure. We went through them last year and until the last minutes we didn’t know if we would stay in the division, it made us stubborn and tied us down. We started from the beginning with the aim of not going through the same thing”.

About the roster changes: “We kept a piece of last year’s core, we added quality players, it certainly helped the course so far. In the preparation we realized it because we see that we are a strong group. We were all working together, we could feel the atmosphere in the hotel, in general we had a positive aura and this can be seen on the pitch, that we are all fighting together”.

For the big transfers made by Lamia in the summer: “He helps us a lot, whether on or off the pitch. They have countless experiences, they have a winning football mentality that helps the older ones, let alone the younger ones. Of course also inside the stadium with some of their actions”.

For the course of his career: “After this start I wish things had turned out differently. These things happen in life, I am grateful for my path so far. I work every day to reach higher.”

For his collaboration with Kyriakos Papadopoulos: “Since last year we have seen, we have chemistry. His performances from abroad help us. If he didn’t have some injuries he would still be at a high level. We are doing very well. They complement each other on the pitch.”

On whether they think in Lamia where they can reach in terms of points: “We are happy at the moment, because in recent years we have gone through difficult times. We don’t look far, we look at the next game, that’s the only way we can get high. We will miss the goal if we say we are a good team and we will enter the playoffs, it will backfire on us. We all continue together and I believe that everything will be fine.”

For this season’s difference in the dynamics of the league: “I understand the difference, it can also be seen from the results of the Greek teams in Europe. They look teams from major leagues in the eye. That’s the only way the league will get stronger, when those below get stronger too.”

For the surprises we might see this year: “It is still too early to say this, the differences have not disappeared. But why not? And OFI, and us, several teams can compete with anyone at home.”

Source: Sport Fm

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