To ensure that his country does not enter the Israel-Hamas warLebanon’s caretaker prime minister, Najib Mikati, is trying as he pointed out during a press conference he gave to AFP, even as Hezbollah and Israel exchange cross-border fire.

THE Najib Mikati he said he fears an escalation as tensions rise at the border raising concerns that Lebanon’s powerful Iranian-backed Hezbollah movement could open a new front with Israel.

“I am doing my duty to prevent Lebanon from going to war”Mikati says. “Lebanon is in the eye of the storm”he adds.

Mikatiwho maintains good relations with Hezbollah, says he doesn’t have a “clear answer” on whether the war will spread, adding that “depends on regional developments”.

“So far Hezbollah has handled the situation rationally and wiselyand the rules of the game have remained confined within certain limits”claims Mikati. “But at the same time I feel that I cannot reassure the Lebanese people” because the situation is still evolving.