Ukraine-Greece: Victory… half a stay for the blue and white


She wants to jump… stay Women’s National Team! His team Alexandrou Katikaridis is typically hosted by Ukraine at “Theodoros Vardinogiannis” for the 4th matchday (17:00) of the 3rd group of the B’ division of the Nations League.

The two teams met for the first time on the same field a few days ago, with Hellas to be the home team and manage to get the three points, winning 2-1 with a reversal. THE Kalinina in the 3rd minute, he opened the scoring for Ukraine, but the “blue and white” equalized Marco in the 36th minute and Spyridonidou in the 72nd minute he signed the reversal for the maiden victory of the national team.

Something like that, Greece reached 3 points and with a win, it also mathematically avoids the 4th place that leads to relegation to the 3rd Division, then fighting for the 2nd place that, under certain conditions, can give rise to the top division.

With drawGreece will once again have the upper hand for 3rd place, with the teams that finish third in their groups forming a group, which based on the points harvest will decide the 3 of the 4 countries that will remain in the group.

The score of the 3rd group in the B division:

The 4th matchday (31/10):

Ukraine-Greece (17:00)

Serbia-Poland (20:00)

The 5th matchday (01/12):



The 6th matchday (05/12):



Source: Sport Fm

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