Panathinaikos AO: The tickets for Olympiakos went out today – “The match at OAKA is an example”


Similar behavior to the one shown in the OAKA derby against Olympiakos, the AO asked the friends of Panathinaikos to show in the upcoming women’s match as well, through an announcement today (31/10).

Informing at the same time that the tickets for the match that will take place at “Pavlos Giannakopoulos” next Saturday (04/11) have been released, together with useful details for their purchase from the world of “clover”.

The relevant announcement in detail:

“Tickets for Saturday’s match against Olympiakos in women’s basketball at the indoor “P.Giannakopoulos” were put into circulation and the management of the Association is asking for the public’s attention.

The “green” face the “red and white” in a decisive game and the goal is the victory that will put them in an advantageous position for the championship.

Those interested can purchase their ticket at the following link:

The management of the Club asks the people who will be at the stadium to be very careful and not to respond to any provocation.

What everyone wants is for the match to take place normally and not to give the slightest extra-competitive reason for the team to lose a victory that will bring them closer to the goal of the championship.

The recent match with Olympiakos in the men’s basketball section at OAKA is a good example so that it can be repeated on Saturday and avoid anything that could put the match in danger of being stopped.

At the measures meeting, the following were decided which are of interest to the fans:

– Panathinaikos A.O. will make available exclusively to the fans, tickets named/numbered by the electronic system.

-The doors of K.G. *PI. GIANNAKOPOULOS*, on the day of the match (04/11/2023), to open two (2) hours earlier, i.e. at 12:30 p.m.

– To block access and entry to K.G. *PI. GIANNAKOPOULOS*, of fans who will not have a personal ticket for the match in question.

– By the police forces allocated for this purpose (patrols, etc.) to carry out strict pre-checks on the spectators, around the perimeter of the K.G. *PI. GIANNAKOPOULOS*, in order to exclude the transport within the facility of prohibited or other dangerous items, as well as the removal of those who may be without tickets”.

Source: Sport Fm

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