AEK Betsson: “AEK, Mother of all refugees”


The reasons for hosting Hapoel Holon for its matches in the Basketball Champions League are explained by AEK Betsson. “Our main priority was and remains the promotion of the superhuman values ​​and ideals that our historic Association, which was born from Refugees, advocates, but also the support of all those who need it regardless of cost, without blinkers and without asterisks“, refers.

The announcement:

On the occasion of today’s announcement by the BCL regarding the decision to hold matches of Hapoel Holon at the Olympic Hall of Ano Liosion, we would like to inform you that:

Due to the circumstances and due to the chaotic situation, we could only accept the decision of FIBA, with the consent of the EEC, to host (without financial compensation) Hapoel Holon in our stadium.

And lest we forget…

Come together, calm down and remember all these years what we did…

As far as we are concerned, during our tenure we have proven in practice that our main priority was and remains the promotion of the superhuman values ​​and ideals that our historic Union, which was born from Refugees, stands for, but also the support of all those who need it regardless of cost, without blinkers and without asterisks.

1) The family of the “Queen” FIRST and ONLY opened its big arms many times to welcome the Palestinian friends to the stadiums, where they competed in the “pre-Ano Liosion” period. In the framework of the Greek-Palestinian friendship event, in collaboration with the General Union of Palestinian Students and the Municipality of Vrilissi, in the Klisto of Vrilissi, the match between the AEK Team and the Palestine Cup winner, Orthodox Beitsahour, was held on 20/11/2016, it left an era. The athletes and accompanying persons of the Palestine Team, the previous day, were hosted at the Closed of OAKA, for the AEK – Prometheus match.

2) The following year, and more specifically in November/December 2017, AEK BC organized a multi-day international tournament, in which the PALESTINIAN NATIONAL TEAM and AEK, Amarousi, Milos and Asteras Agios Dimitrios Youth teams participated. The matches were held in the Indoor Arena of Amarousiou and in the Indoor Arena of Nea Smyrni.

3) For the 3rd year in a row, in the context of Greek-Palestinian friendship and solidarity, on 11/11/2018, a friendly match was held again in Klisto Amarousiou, under the auspices of the Municipality of Amarousiou, between the AEK Youth team and the Orthodox Bethlehem Team.

4) The “Queen’s” family opened its arms many times to refugees regardless of country and nationality, and organized dozens of social responsibility actions at OAKA and elsewhere.

5) The family of the “Queen” has its arms wide open to this day having cooperated with the “Support Center for Returnees and Immigrants – Universal Refugee Program” and with the unaccompanied children of “SYNYPARXIS – Universal Refugee Program”.

6) The family of the “Queen”, on October 18, 2022, accepted Enes Kanter Freedom’s request to host himself and Turkish refugee children for a camp in Ano Liosia, even though he was awarded by the Government of his country, firmly recognizing the right to freedom , and not counting the cost of our decision.

7) The family of the “Queen” opened their big arms, with the contribution of VETSSON, on the sidelines of the match with Galatasaray, on March 14, 2023, with financial support of 100,000 euros in favor of the earthquakes of the neighbor.

8) The “Queen’s” family has for years included refugee children of all ages in the AEK BC ACADEMY education program, who grow up with her and socialize with her.

The “Queen’s” family has combined its presence for 9 years with multiple actions in favor of refugees, who flood our stadium upon our invitation, while there are also actions that have not seen the light of day, as what is important is the priceless offer of solidarity and humanity.

Sports unite! And this is the message that is being broadcast in these difficult times.

Because AEK has always been/is the Mother of ALL, of all refugees.

Or, did it stop being “all refugees” for some?


Dating in difficult times!

Source: Sport Fm

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