Pope Francis: “Maradona failed as a man – Pele is the best of all”


Speaking to RAI, Mr Pope Francis spoke in the best words about the… footballer Maradona however, he said that as a man the Argentine had failed.

He was then asked about which of them Maradona-Messi is better, with Pope Francis picking him… Pele!

“I add a third, Pele. These are the top three I saw. Maradona as a player was great, but as a person he failed.

He came to see me during my first year in office and then the poor guy died. It’s strange, many athletes end badly, even in boxing.

Messi is very proper, a gentleman. But for me out of these three, the grand master is Pele. He had a big heart. I spoke to Pele. I met him on a plane when he was in Buenos Aires.

He was a man of such great humanity. All three are brilliant, each with their own specialty. Messi is good at the moment, Pele was good.”

Source: Sport Fm

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