Another Ajax with Fan’t Schip, won after 3 months with scorer Akpom!


There is life on the… planet Ajax! In his debut John Fan’t Schip on the bench, Aiandas showed a very good face, significantly corrected his defensive shortcomings and defeated… just me 2-0 (pp. had 27 finals) the Folendam in a postponed match for the 3rd matchday of the Eredivisie.

This was the second win of Ajax in this year’s championship and the first after 3 months, since the last time Ayanda’s players celebrated was on August 12 in the Eredivisie premiere.

He was a chef Chuba Akpom who scored for the first time in the shirt of the opponent AEK in the Europa League groups.

THE Ajax had entered the match strongly and was in control of the game, however, in the first half, he did not manage to convert all the opportunities he had into a goal. In the second half, Ayanda’s players did even better, with Bergwein in the 57th minute to open the score with a nice finish.

THE Folendam on the other hand, he mainly played in counter-attacks and could not threaten much. THE Delivery with a very nice header he doubled the goals in the 89th minute and shaped the final result.

Somehow, Mr John Fan’t Schip started with the right on the bench of Ajax who broke away from the danger zone, with Follendam on the other hand remaining in it.

Source: Sport Fm

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