Today the hearing of the appeal of Olympiakos – The mess with the regulation for shut-ins


At 3:30 p.m., the second and perhaps not the last episode about the fate of the derby between Olympic and the Panathinaikoswhich was interrupted after Huancar was injured by a thrown firecracker.

THE EPO Appeals Committee will listen to the positions of the “red and whites”, who were initially punished by the Single Member Disciplinary Body of the Super League with a loss of the match with 3-0, deduction of one point, two matches behind closed doors and a fine of 38,000 euros. The Panathinaikos side will attend the proceedings having filed an appeal against the rejection of the main intervention it made in the first hearing.

Apart from the fate of the match, the decision will also determine the presence of the Olympiacos crowd. The Piraeus have made available to the public the tickets for Sunday’s derby with PAOK (19:30) and the sold out is considered a matter of time, however there are doubts as to whether the match will eventually be played with people.

And that’s why the EPO regulation is unclear. On the one hand, he states that “… the decisions are immediately enforceable, except for those that specify the holding of a match without spectators” and on the other hand, in another paragraph, it is emphasized that “… decisions to hold a match without spectators are carried out on the immediately following their issue on the matchday, unless less than five days elapse between the issuance of the decision and the day of the match, in which case the decision is carried out on the following matchday».

However, at Olympiakos they believe that the derby with PAOK should be played in any case with people, unless the decision of the Appeals Court is taken before Sunday and the home penalty is maintained. It is noted that Olympiakos’ next two home games are against Panaitolikos and AEK.

Source: Sport Fm

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