Rooney blasts United players: ‘They need to take some responsibility’


THE Manchester United has had the worst start to this season, sitting in 8th place Premier Leagueexcept Carabao Cup and in third place in its group in the Champions League with Bayern Munich and Galatasaray.

The club’s top scorer and legend spoke about the situation at Old Trafford, Wayne Rooneywho mentioned, among other things, that the players have to take some responsibility, while he also spoke about the pressure that the Eric Ten Haag.

Initially, about the difficulties the Dutchman is facing, he said: “This is the job. This is part of the job and we all know this when we take on jobs, whatever they are» and continued:

I know that coming here [στο Μπέρμιγχαμ], there is a lot of pressure and I’m sure Ten Haag knows that at Manchester United. I think it’s not going as well as they would have liked or hoped, but I think the players have to take some responsibility as well. I know some of the players in there and they don’t perform at the levels I know they can“, while adding:

Ultimately, it all starts and ends with the coach and that’s part of being a coach. He will take the criticism, of course, after the last few weeks, but I think the players can do a lot more than what they are doing for him“, were, characteristically, his words Rooney.

Source: Sport Fm

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