New stop in the semi-finals for Tsitsipas, eliminated by Dimitrov!


His progress stopped in the semi-finals Stefanou Tsitsipas in Paris, as he was defeated 2-1 sets by Grigor Dimitrov.

This was the third tournament in a row that the leading Greek tennis player’s career stops at “4”, after his eliminations in Antwerp and Vienna.

The Bulgarian champion was storming in the first set, with Tsitsipas leveling up afterwards and coming close to qualifying. But in the tie break of the third set, he hit the brakes and was out. The winner will face one of Djokovic and Rublev in the final, who will face each other shortly in the second semi-final.

Dimitrov started the game strong and broke with good morning, easily reaching 3-0. Tsitsipas was unable to find answers at any point and was even threatened with a new break when his Bulgarian opponent had two lost set balls. The Greek champion stayed alive temporarily, but then failed to break his opponent’s serve and lost the first set 6-3.

The second set was much more balanced and had a different ending. The two tennis players reached 4-4 without pushing each other. In O Dimitrov had two lost break points, but the promoted Tsitsipas stopped him and firmly took the set to the tie break. There he was storming, celebrated with 7-1 and tied the sets at 1-1.

The pressure shifted to Dimitrov’s side, with Tsitsipas having skyrocketed his performance. In fact, he got a breather from the break, counting four lost break points, in the third game, but he didn’t make it. From there, the two tennis players put a lot of pressure on their serve. It is characteristic that both won three games without losing a single point and reached 6-6 without being threatened. The game was decided in the tie break, where Dimitrov was storming, leading 5-0 and ending the match 7-3.

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