The Police have arrested a 38-year-old man who is allegedly a member of a criminal group that committed thefts from houses in the areas of Spata and Artemisa.

According to ELAS, 3 members of the group were identified and a case file was filed against them for distinguished thefts by continuation, by complicity, by profession and by habit and damage to foreign property.

Their action dates back to at least July of this year and they acted either all together or individually, moving by car.

The defendants, after approaching their target house, caused damage to the external fences or the windows and doors of the houses in order to gain access to their interior. Sometimes they removed metal objects, which were in the yard of the houses, while others, after entering the interior, removed jewelry, household and electronic-electrical items.

11 cases of theft from houses in Spata and Artemisa were solved.

As emphasized in the relevant announcement, police officers of the Immediate Action (I.A.S. Team) who immediately responded to a call regarding a house burglary in Spata, on Wednesday night (1/11), arrested a 38-year-old member of the gang, who abused and threatened the officers, vigorously resisting arrest.

Jewelry and 2 mobile phones were found in his possession, which were removed a little earlier and returned to their owner.

The arrested person was taken to the competent Prosecutor.