A brief stoppage in Toulouse-Havri as the stadium fire alarm sounded due to smoke!


Toulouse and Havre are now facing each other at the “Stadium de Toulouse” for the 11th matchday of Ligue 1, in an admittedly impressive atmosphere created by the friends of the home team, who are celebrating tonight the 30th anniversary of the founding of the “NVDRS”, the organized fans of the club!

After Daliga’s goal in the 51st minute made it 1-0, the home fans turned the night into day, lighting dozens of smoke bombs and torches. This resulted shortly afterwards in activating him stadium fire alarmwith the sirens sounding throughout the stadium, while the loudspeakers asked people to leave the stadium creating confusion for the audience!

Naturally, the fight paused for about ten minutes, until the people at the stadium investigate the incident and the matter is resolved. Nevertheless, many of Toulouse’s friends left for safety reasons.

Source: Sport Fm

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