Crazy Star, escaped from Agrinio with a big three-pointer!


It showed the character of a great team and escaped from Agrinio with a huge victory o Asteras Tripoli! The Arcades found a quick goal with him Blueberry and even though they were left with ten players from 66′ due to his suspension Carmonathey didn’t bend and went back to three-pointers.

Third league win for his team Milan Rastavac and third consecutive away game that Asteras gets something (s. seven points), which rose to 11 points.

At the same time, Mr A pan-eater suffered another defeat, the second one… in the Stoiximan Super League and remained on 6 points, while he failed to reach the equalizer despite pushing hard enough to find the goal that would have given him the point.

Debut for him Gosh with the jersey of Asteras and… reappearance after more than a year for him Valiente in a league match, while there is concern about his injury Bartolo.

By Olympic in Tripoli, the Arkades play the next matchday, with PAOK in Toumba, Panaitolikos competes.

In the coach’s mind

With 5-4-1 Yannis Petrakis brought down Panaitolikos. Kapino at home and Malis Duarte Mladen Torrejon Liavas in defense. Baldasara Hatzitheodoridis Huanpi, Fr. Duarte the four of the axis with the first two on the sides and João Pedro at the top of the attack.

With the classic 4-2-3-1, Milan Rastavac lined up Asteras. Papadopoulos in goal and Carmona, Kastanio Djukanovic Huchumis in the four defense. The Mounafos Sourlis in the midfield, with Crespi Kalcha Bartolo in the central attacking trio and Miritelos at the top of the attack.

The match

Asteras entered the match very strongly, moving the ball well. In the 8th minute, the Arkades opened the scoring, with Sock to perform the foul just outside the area, the ball found the Blueberry and then went to the net for 1-0. Afterwards, Panaitolikos took measures on the field and started to threaten, however, he did not manage to turn any phase into a goal. At 22′ came the first good moment for the home team, when o João Pedro made the shot, o FR. Duarte entered the phase, resulting in the ball going out of bounds.

In the 28th minute, Asteras had another chance to double the goals, when o Bartolo made a terrible slash, o You’re wearing socks the shot, with the ball going just wide. Everything was going well for the Arcades as they were in control of the game, however Milan Rastavac saw Bartolo to have a tightness in the biceps and be forced to change, with the Jungle to take his place.

THE A pan-eater he then took steps up the field and had a great chance to equalize in the 39th minute. THE João Pedro he made the close header, but the ball stopped on the goal post of Papadopoulos. Nothing changed until the last whistle of the first half and thus Asteras went to the locker room with a lead (0-1) against Panaitolikos.

Asteras started the second half at the same pace, having a great opportunity in the 51st minute. THE Huhumis he made the cross, but both o You’re wearing socksas well as Blueberry they were unable to send the ball into the net. From then on, Panaitolikos picked up the pace and put a lot of pressure on the opposition goal.

The fact that the Arkades from 66′ onwards were left with one less player, since the Carmona received a second yellow card and was ejected from the game. THE Milan Rastavac he then filled his shaft, throwing in their match Valiente, Goswith the latter making his debut, while he also put Alvares left back, passing him Huhumi on the right to fill Carmona’s gap.

THE A pan-eater he went up the field a lot, pressed too much but doesn’t have the clear mind to make good final efforts. With the Agriniotes looking mainly with fillings that were easily repelled by the defense of Asteras. The minutes passed, the home team could not find a goal and in the final o Xenitidis he was spared expulsion when he pulled him Jungle who was leaving alone in an undefended goal, but the referee showed the yellow card. Nevertheless, until the final whistle, nothing changed and the Arkades celebrated a huge away three-pointer.

This is how you watched the match Live through

The whistle: THE Gorchilas he correctly sends off Carmona, as the Spanish full-back’s two cards were justified. In the penalty he asks for in the last quarter, Panaitolikos correctly shows “you are playing”, while in the 6th minute of stoppage time he probably should have sent off Xenitidis after he overthrew Zouglis who was leaving alone and Kapinos was away from home.

MVP: THE Juan Miritello! The Argentine gave the victory to his team and generally returned to positive performances. Very good performance from him too Sockbut also by Papadopoulos who performed major operations.

Panaitolikos (Yiannis Petrakis): Kapino, Malis, B. Duarte (84′ Voilis), Mladen, Torrejon, Liavas (84′ Mavrias), Baldasara (84′ Xenitidis), Hatzitheodoridis (64′ Dias), Huanpi, Fr. Duarte (64′ Sengelia), Joao Pedro.

Asteras Tripoli (Milan Rastavac): Papadopoulos, Carmona, Kastanio, Djukanovic, Houhoumis, Mounafo, Sourlis (70′ Valiente), Crespi (90’+4′ Diara), Kaltsas (70′ Gos), Bartolo (31′ Zouglis), Miritelo (70′ Alvares).

Source: Sport Fm

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