The testimony of the girl who accused Dani Alves of rape is shocking


“As” brought to the surface the testimony of the young girl who denounced him Dani Alves how he raped her in December 2022 in a Barcelona nightclub. The Brazilian right back remains in custodywith the court’s decision expected within this year.

He was behind me while I had my cousin in front of me. Then I remember him walking away and motioning for me to go to him. I thought “you can talk to him and see what he wants” and nothing else. I went there to talk to him. At no point did I know where I was going. I remember going where he was, but I couldn’t imagine where he was taking me. We arrived and there was a door, he opened it and I went inside. When I walked in, I saw that it was a tiny toilet. I think that’s when my shock started. I remember he sat down and I started telling him “I have to go, I have to go!”. I remember him lifting my dress and making me sit on it. And he started telling me many things. He insisted that I tell him things. At that moment I resisted, but he hit me on the knee. He tried to get me to give him oral sex. I kept walking away until he grabbed me by the neck and started slapping me». describes the alleged victim.

Source: Sport Fm

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