Aris came back from -16 with an upset and left Montenegro triumphant!


With a 12-0 run in the fourth quarter, Aris defeated Buduchnost 65-63 in Montenegro in the sixth game of the Euro Cup, moving to 3-3 in the second group.

The two teams “broke it out” at the beginning of the match and a few more three-pointers by Bunduchnost brought it to 8-2 in the middle of the first quarter. Blackston with individual actions in the Montenegrin basket kept the “yellows” at -3, but the Montenegrins’ 6-0 run in the Greek racket brought the score to 18-9 and Wright finished the first quarter at 20-11.

Makudu starred in a 6-0 Buduchnost run to start the second period, which made it +15 for the Montenegrins. Grbovic made it 29-13 and back-to-back 3-pointers by the Podgorica team kept it at +16. However, the consecutive three-pointers of the “yellows” reduced to -8 with an 8-0 streak and Bankston reduced to -5, with the players of Yannis Kastritis having found the solutions and having “blocked” their opponents, with half to end at 39-34. Buduchnost had 10/14 shots and 19 rebounds and Thessaloniki 4/11 three-pointers and 17 rebounds.

The outsiders of Aris kept it at -2 to +3 at the start of the third period, but a 9-0 run by Buduchnost starring Makudu and Williams made it 51-41 for the Montenegrin champions. A 4-0 by the “yellows” reduced to -5, Bunduchnost with its own 4-0 brought the score to 56-47, but the same run by the players of Yannis Kastritis brought the score to 56-51 at the end of the quarter.

An unsportsmanlike layup by Toliopoulos at the start of the fourth period brought Buduchnost to 60-51. The frivolous actions of the Montenegrins in the next attacks and the many rebounds that the Thessalonians “pulled down” helped them to reduce to 60-56 with a 5-0 run and with the right play inside the opponent’s basket. The Buduchnost players constantly made errors in their attacks under the pressure of the “yellows” in defense and Souza’s three-pointer was the completion of an 8-0 run and the “cap” of many offensive rebounds by the Thessalonians.

Thus, Katsivelis made it 60-63 with two consecutive individual actions and the Greek team’s streak reached 12-0 at 2’46”. Wright’s shots reduced to 62-63 at 1’44” and Galinat’s shot to 62-64 at 54”. Wright hit one of two shots he was called for to make it 63-64 at 47”. Bohorides’ mistake, Wright missed a two-pointer and Katsivelis with a shot at 2’6” made it 63-65 and gave the victory to Aris for the 3-3 record.

Source: Sport Fm

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