Melissanidis: “We failed! I have the first responsibility – I am waiting for a reaction! “


Theoretically, the occasion could have been festive, but the only festive atmosphere was not in the cutting of New Year’s pie in the football department of AEK. THE Dimitris Melissanidis went to Spata and could not help but address the members of the team, which is in deep crisis with four defeats in the last six games.

The strong man of the “Union”, in mild tones howevertook the main burden of responsibility for the situation in which the team is, spoke of failure even though the team -as he said- has the best roster in Greece, but asked for an immediate reaction from everyone to give a little joy to the people who are so bitter .

«I have the biggest responsibility, then you and then everyone else“, He stressed initially. «I believe that we have the best roster of the last ten years and the best at the moment in Greece, regardless of where we are. And that shows the magnitude of the failure. Because this is the truth that unfortunately we failed this year as well“, He added.

«We are all so sad and we and the people can not leave our homes. But it is up to you to react and turn it around. We can take the Cup. As long as you believe it. We have an obligation to give a little joy to our world that is justifiably bitter“, Continued and concluded:

«I would like to be closer to you but unfortunately I dedicate most of my time to the completion of our stadium. I expect an immediate reaction from you».

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Source: Sport-fm

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