The positions of the Greek athletes in the small categories of the November Europe Rankings


The European Table Tennis Union (ETTU) published yesterday 10/11 the European ranking tables for November.

As is well known, it has been publishing its own ranking lists again for almost a year now, which are monthly and autonomous and are not calculated only through the weekly global ranking. Especially at the younger ages, those under 13 and under 15, it shows its own evaluation criteria, which is why it created the Europe Youth Series tournaments, which is why it has called its effort for the whole of 2023 “experimental”.

For the next year, however, it has decided to give more power to the classifications of the children’s and all-children’s categories, to extract the seedings for the European championships from them, therefore the changes for Greek sportsmen and women, which came after last month’s Europe Youth tournament in Loutraki, Corinthia. The Greek Open was held with a large Greek participation and led to significant rises in the new rl, such as the boy Yiannis Koutras to number 17 in Europe, the boy Konstantinos Alexoudis to number 9 and the also boy Yiannis Kioseloglou to number 29. In the girls, the Vasiliki Boula and Anna-Fanouria Mitka, as leading Greeks in the respective tables, are in the top 60 female athletes in Europe.

On the occasion of the tournament in Loutraki, the positions of all children, appearing in the tables of the Under 13 and Under 15 categories, will be reported, whether they competed in the Greek Europe Youth (where points were calculated from singles and individual matches in the team), or not . Of course, it should be noted that with the entry of 2024, Koutras becomes a teenager and also Alexoudis, Kioseloglou, Mitkas move to the next age group, however it is honorable and gives additional motivation to end the year in such high positions.

In the Under 15 boys category:

Giannis Koutras rose to number 17 in the European ranking from October 25. As an example, we note that according to the analytical tables of ETTU, the winner of the category in Loutraki got 46 points.

Yiannis Kioseloglou (2nd in the same category in the competitions of his city) had an increase of 73 places. It is now at No. 47.

In between, Giorgos Kosmas, who did not compete in Loutraki, is at number 37 with a drop of 4 places.

Konstantinos Alexoudis climbed to No 50 from 114 last month. In the case of the last two athletes, recent results from WTT Youth Contender also count, just the long-awaited report on the world ranking for our young athletes will take place next week.

Kostas Fakaros “won” 127 positions and this month he appears at No. 95.

Mark-Lukas Stafford follows at No 103 (up 345 places), Theofanis Mitkas at No 119 (up 329 places), Chrysovalantis Sambalis and Anastasios Fousekis at No 120 (gain of 328 places both). Also, Dimitris Georgallidis, Stefanos Mavromatakis and Archangelos Gionis are at No. 123 (with +325 positions all three appear), Petros Liotsis (away from Loutraki) at No. 326 with a drop of 17 positions, Konstantinos Isaakidis at No. 354 (+94) and Giorgos Sassanis at No. 455 (-7).

In the Under 15 girls category:

Vassiliki Boula gained 73 places with her results in team and singles in Loutraki (she also got 46 points according to ETTU, we note indicatively) and is at number 57.

Stella Mavromataki (champions together in doubles) moved up to number 65, which is how many places she “won” compared to October.

Mavra Kontopoulou (absent from the Greek Open) dropped 8 places and is in 75th place.

Angela Nure rose to No. 81 (+273 places), Alexandra Bithava is also in the top 100, who went to No. 89 (+169).

Also Georgia Spanou and Alcistis Kasimi, who were not in Loutraki, retreated to positions 148 and 208 respectively (-11 positions both)

Finally, Anna-Fanouria Mitka appears at No 371 (-17), Aphrodite-Ioanna Sarikakis and Elpida Tassiou at No 377 (-23).

In the Under 13 boys category:

Constantinos Alexoudis is now in the top 10. He got 48 points from Loutraki and moved up to 9th place from 17th last month.

Yiannis Kioseloglou rose to 29th place from 48th in October.

Dimitris Georgallidis is at No. 73 (+150 places), Spyros Fousekis at No. 76 (+162), Nikos Angelidis at No. 78 (+160), Anastasios Fousekis at No. 79 (+159), Konstantinos Isaakidis at No 146 (+92), Giorgos Sassanis at No 235 (+3) and Michalis Bithavas at No 244.

In the Under 13 girls category:

Anna-Fanouria Mitka, who won the gold medal in the singles of the Greek Open, was at number 54 in the European ranking with a rise of 122 places.

Athanasia Goga, who took the silver in the same event, follows at No. 61 with an advantage of 119 places.

Despina Dimitriou and Aphrodite-Ioanna Sariskakis are also very close at positions 66 and 67 respectively with an increase of 114 positions.

Christina Tzenidis, who did not participate in the same tournament, went to No 121 (+5 places) and finally Elpida Tassiou appears at No 203 (from 225) and Sofia Fili at 206 (from 232).

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