Dominant Milonas “pressed” PAOK and plunged it into introversion!


PAOK was seduced by the terrible Milonas! The team of Nea Smyrni made fun of the “bicephalus of the north” and obliged him in a crowded “Croisos Persis” in his third loss in as many matches in this year’s Volley League by prevailing 3-1 set!

In this way, Milonas achieved his 2nd victory against PAOK and celebrated his first “three points” in the Volley League this year, as the defeat at Mets was preceded by Panathinaikos in the first matchday (3-0 set), while the last week’s day off. PAOK are in a bad situation, they have one point and now have to “gas up”.

In the competitive part, the hosts took advantage of PAOK’s bad start by taking a 7-3 lead. The “two-headed man of the north” tried to reduce the score with Van Der Dries, but Sakis Psarra’s team extended its lead (16-11) and finally took the set 25-20.

In the second set, PAOK made an excellent start and found themselves leading 11-4, which fully reflected their image in the taraflex. The “black and white” had the momentum throughout the match and reached the tie with 25-18.

The third set was balanced with both teams going point by point, reducing the mistakes quite a bit. Milonas kept the lead “tooth and nail” and after a shocking set and a 3-0 run, he made it 25-22 for 2-1!

The visitors suffered a “blackout” in the fourth set and, affected by the development of the third, quickly found themselves at -5 (13-8). Milonas had the pace on his side and after several mistakes by PAOK, he reached 25-17 and the final 3-1 set.

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