AEL: “Our return to the Super League or compensation from other teams outside Olympiacos”


The satisfaction her for her decision taken by EEC regarding PAS Giannina expressed the AEL. With its announcement, PAE talks about justification (since the process was initiated by her complaint).

At the same time, she states that she is determined to claim either her return to the Super League next season regardless of whether he will go up for racing, or the her monetary compensation from all the teams of the first category that (except Olympiakos) had rejected her request for validation of the score.

The announcement of AEL in detail

“THE absolute justification for AEL, after a unanimous decision of the Professional Sports Committee, PAS Giannina was convicted for “Serious” violation of the legislation on the legal transfer of the shares of a societe anonyme.

The Professional Sports Committee accepted that George Christovasilis in order to mislead the Super League 1 cooperative transferred 51% of the shares of PAS Giannina to the partner, the owner of Xanthi Polychroni Siggelidis, Giannis Avdi who a few weeks ago had sold the building that housed the NATO headquarters in Thessaloniki in a company of interests of Ivan Savvidis.

Following this development, PAS Giannina is in danger by subtracting 10 points from this year’s scoreboard, but AEL because the trial of the case was delayed and other PAEs will benefit from its own complaint, will request, or the exceptional her return to Super League 1 the next season, if he does not race in the current season, or compensation from the PAEs of Super League 1 which with the exception of PAE Olympiakos last season rejected its request for non-validation of the score, while was pending her well-founded complaint about the illegal transfer of the shares of PAS Giannina to the partner of the owner of Xanthi from 27/2/2015 sale which was kept secret for 6 whole years until the illegality is revealed by AEL.

The amount of compensation to be requested by AEL from 12 PAE and the cooperative will be announced on next days».

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Source: Sport-fm

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