Bourg-Aris: Trial in France for the Thessalonians


Return to European competitions for Mars.

The Thessalonians are tested in France, where they face the Burg for his 7th matchday Eurocup (20:30, NovaSports 4).

THE Mars is at 3-3 in the European competition, while on the other hand the French team has a 4-2 record, although it comes from 3 consecutive defeats in all competitions. Nevertheless, it is a very strong set, as a result of which it is in the top three of the domestic league.

On the other hand, his team Yannis Kastritis has a record of 4-2 in the league, coming from the good performance against Panathinaikos, which however was not combined with a good result. The Thessalonians “broke” its headquarters in the previous matchday Buduchnostwhile some time earlier they had also done a “double” in Wrocław, so they are looking for their third away pink card.

As far as racing is concerned, Roberts Bloombergs and Diamantis Slaftsakis they stayed in Thessaloniki, in order to continue their recovery.

Ahead of the match, Mr Yannis Kastritis stated: “This is our second away game in a row, against a team that is doing extremely well in both the BKT EuroCup and the French league. That says a lot about their quality and shows how demanding the race will be for us. We have to be fully committed to our game plan to control Burgh’s scoring from surprises and have smart decisions in attack.”

The mission of Mars in detail: Ismael Sanogo, Vassilis Toliopoulos, Marcus Carr, Dimitris Katsivelis, George Fillios, Lefteris Bohorides, Nikos Persedis, Silvio De Souza, Ronnie Harrell, Andreas Kalogiros, Chris Bankston, Roberto Gallinat

Source: Sport Fm

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