Scaloni: “We have been watching Ortega for a long time, we know him well”


For the Olympiakos right-back call-up, Francisco Ortegain Argentina national teamspoke o Lionel Scaloniat the press conference ahead of the match between the world champions and Uruguay.

The 45-year-old technician emphasized that he and his partners have been watching him for a long time, while he also mentioned Messi, Papo Gomes, and the absence of Garnazzo.

What the coach of the Argentine national team said in detail:

For the Olympiakos left-back call-up: “We called Maffeo and Ortega because we have been watching them for a long time and we had problems in the positions they are playing. We know Ortega better, we also had him in our smaller national teams. They seem very interesting options to us”.

For Messi: “He is in good shape, since even though he has not competed for almost a month, he is training normally. As long as he is ready he will play and will not be substituted unless he asks for it”.

For not calling Garnazzo: “He wasn’t called because of form. Since the previous calls, he hasn’t taken much time to participate, while we also have to think about the psychological factor. He continues to be on our radar and in our plans.”.

For Papou Gomes: “I have spoken to him, we have a great relationship. We hope he can find a solution to his problem, we give him all our support and are grateful for what he has offered us”.

For Di Maria: “Let’s enjoy him while he still competes with the national jersey. When he is here he is happy”.

For the upcoming matches with Uruguay and Brazil: “First of all I am very happy to face Bielsa. We are not thinking about Brazil, we first have Uruguay in front of us, which is a very difficult opponent. We will do everything we can to get the win, regardless of the fact that the derby against Brazil is the most important.”.

Source: Sport Fm

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