Ataman: “I think the issue of the shots is pressure – The plan was for Grigonis to play at the “3””


In a match unsuitable for… cardiac, o Panathinaikos took a valuable 73-71 win over her Zalgiris in OAKA in the context of the 8th matchday of the Euroleague and went to 4-4.

At the press conference of the match, the “clover” coach, Ergin Atamanreferred to the character shown by the team, the issue of missed shots, but also his position Grigonis.

In detail, what Ergin Ataman said at the press conference:

In the first half we missed shots so the three pointers made the difference in the first half. Offensively we didn’t play our best games. Defensively in the second half we were good, but we had an issue with Schmitz’s pick and pop. But it was a logical thing because Mitoglou got tired, but I didn’t want to keep him out because he was excellent and helped us. It was a match with battles in every possession. I want to keep it out of this. In the rest we played very good defense, since they only scored with three-pointers. Offensively Slukas and Grant stepped up to a very important point and scored. We also didn’t play a good game in rebounds, but we found a way to win».

On whether the team shows character:This season at home we have lost 2 matches in overtime. We weren’t good in attack but we managed to find a way to win the match and we showed character».

For the 13 missed shots:I think it’s pressure. Because in Berlin we had 90. It’s our field and every day we shoot. But it is the first time that some players play in such a stadium as OAKA and they have extra pressure. We scored 73 points and missed 13 shots, that’s quite a lot. If we had lost 8 we would have had 5 more points. But in the end we won. We’ll see what happens in the next game. But let’s not fire the last shot, because I told Grigonis to miss it».

On Evans’ branding:If you analyze Zalgiris you will see that Evans is the best player. Like Schmitz. We were very aggressive in the heads out. But Grant did a great job in his personal defense».

For Grant’s presence:Last season I saw him many times. He has character in every match and plays significantly on both sides of the floor. In defense he is aggressive and in solving he sees the basket. I like these players. He makes some mistakes, but he’s getting better».

For Grigonis playing at “3”:In the planning of the team I think he was to play in the “3” together with Papapetrou. I also did it in Ephesus with Simon and Bryant. I do the same with Grigonis. Today he did not play his best game, but he has helped us a lot».

Source: Sport Fm

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