Olympiacos beat Red Star and ended the “devil’s week” undefeated!


On his career night Alec Peters and despite the fact that he was better until 35′, o Olympic made it a “thriller” against Red Starbut defeated him 88-83 and pulled off the double unbeaten week.

The Piraeus have arrived at +15 (78-63) five minutes before the end, but fatigue brought wrong choices and the reaction of the Serbs, who with Teodosic, Nedovic and Dos Santos they came close to -3 (86-83), with Papanikolaou to “lock” with 2/2 shots the pink card, at 11” before the end.

In the 5-4 the team of Bartzokas, while that of Sfairopoulos retreated to 3-6.

Top o Peters with 28 points, while a valuable contribution from Fal with 14 p. and as many rebounds. Good performance from him too They did with 15 p.

From the Serbs, they stood out Nedovic and Teodosic with 26 p. and 15 p. respectively.

The match

Olympiacos started with Fal, Peters, Papanikolaou, Kanan and Walkap. Nedovic took advantage of Piraeus’ mistakes in the first two minutes, sending Red Star to +5 (2-7). The hosts countered with good defense and ball movement, going on a 6-0 run to take the lead (8-7), with Nedovic’s three-pointer sending the Serbs back up +5 (10-15) at 6′. Barzoka’s team responded with Kanan and Fal for the lead (20-18), in the 9th minute. However, in the last minute the missed defensive rebounds, as well as Teodosic and Mitrovic sent Red Star to +3 (20-23), at the end of the first period.

With Fall and Walkup, Olympiacos temporarily equalized (25-25) at the beginning of the second quarter, but Teodosic and Dos Santos continued to be “hot” from the perimeter for Red Star initially for +7 (28-35), while with Mitrovic’s offensive rebounds reached +8 (31-39), at 15′. Through the defense and Larentzakis and Fal forwards in the attack, the Piraeus ran a 10-0 run, for the lead (41-39), in the 18th minute. Teodosic and Nedovic put the guests in front again (43-44), with Brazdeikis sending Barzoka’s team to the locker room with the lead (45-44).

With good defenses by Fal and Peters, Olympiacos went on a 5-0 run, for +6 (50-44), in the first three minutes of the second half. Then, the pace of the match dropped, with both teams being off target and making mistakes, but Piraeus maintaining their distance (52-47), at 25′. There, Barzoka’s players stepped on… the gas and through their defense took full control, while with three-pointers from Kanan, Peters and Papanikolaou they opened up the field and escaped to +14 (64-50), at 29′. In the end, Nedovic’s basket and foul made it 64-53 in the third period.

Teodosic and Nedovic did not give up for Red Star, but Olympiacos had found a rhythm and had the reins of the match. With Peters as the main protagonist offensively and with help from Lountzis and Papanikolaou, the Piraeus team increased the difference to +15 (78-63), in the 35th minute. Barzoka’s players then relaxed too much and became too careless, with Nedovic and Dos Santos getting … fire from the perimeter and making individual scores of 2-12, bringing the margin to -5 (80-75), at 39 ‘. With 2/2 shots by Peters, the hosts got a breather for +7 (82-75), with Teodosic’s three-pointer making it 82-78, 41.7” before the end. On the rebound, Nedovic stepped on the line and was charged a technical penalty, with Peters’ shot sending Piraeus back to +5 (83-78). The Serbs then tripled Walkup, who went 3/6, with Nedovic making five of his own to make it 86-83. At 11.3”, Papanikolaou went 2/2 from the line, with Teodosic missing a 3-pointer and Olympiakos taking the final 88-83 victory.

The quarters: 20-23, 45-44, 64-53, 88-83

See the match statistics here

Watch the film of the match here

Source: Sport Fm

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