Wild episodes in the Olympiakos Volos-Riga Feraios match: “We received threats from an agent”!


Incidents occurred in yesterday’s football match at the EAK between its players Olympic Volos and his Riga Feraou.

The two groups issued harsh statements blaming each other.

“Fans with an aggressive and violent attitude, who have no place on the pitch, were found to have access to the playing field, while the governing bodies watched the ‘spectacle’ without any reaction.”‘, says the announcement of Rigas Feraios, while the response of Olympiakos Volos refers to threats from an agent of the opposing team.

“Unfortunately, we are forced to state that we received threats from an agent of Riga Feraios”he says characteristically.

The initial announcement of the Riga Feraiu team:

The Board of Directors of A.S. Rigas Feraios condemns in the most categorical and unequivocal way yesterday’s incidents that took place at his stadium in EAK Volos in the championship match of A’EPST, against Olympiakos Volos.

The violence that has become popular in the stadiums should be dealt with immediately and drastically, before the phenomenon takes on uncontrollable dimensions, mainly by the people of sports, something that we did not see yesterday in any case.

Fans with an aggressive and violent attitude, who have no place in the field, were found to have access to the playing field, while the decision-makers watched the “spectacle” without any reaction!

And all this in a match watched by families with small children!

Now, we expect the competent bodies of the Greek Football Federation to take up the case with a sense of justice, so as to ensure the elimination of similar behaviors and practices, which are the tombstone of amateur football, and to isolate as quickly as possible all those who have nothing to do with sports and with what he stands for.

Without a trace of revanchism,

Sincerely, the Board of Directors of A.S. ”Rigas Fereos”

Olympiacos Volos: “We received threats from an agent”

Our team achieved another difficult victory in a very difficult and demanding championship this year with many teams strengthened and with a reasonable desire to “deduct” points from Olympiakos in any way.

Yesterday, November 19, there was a very nice game with fans of both teams, Riga Feraios and Olympiakos sitting together, in the same stand and not having the slightest thing happen. In sports fan contexts and fans of both teams to sit together in the stands as before. The hospitality was excellent. We thank our fans and friends from Velestino for coming.

Unfortunately, we are forced to state that we received threats from an agent of Rigas Feraios, this historic team based in our beloved Velestino.

A nice city, with nice people and a long history. It is a shame that some actors represent the city in football and threaten with direct threats to the physical integrity and even the life of management, people, fans because a football game was lost with a goal in stoppages. For whatever happens to anyone we will hold the man who made these direct threats morally or actually responsible. Good luck to the Riga team in the championship.

At the end of the day it’s just football. A game. And even at the local level.

We just achieved a victory. We continue modestly and humbly. We have just made a good start. We haven’t even got 15% of the points required. And let’s not forget that then there are play-offs if and when we manage to come out first against very good teams.

Thank you for the support. We continue to protect our team and look only at them, in the worst year in their history. Olympiakos Volos.

“Stamping and throwing objects on the pitch” complains the Rigas Feraios team in its reply

The president of the football department of the Olympic Volos, Mr. Papadopoulos, who claims to be a lawyer, should know that the word against someone else is not valid in any court, on the contrary, it only leads to false impressions, while the eyes of hundreds of fans and viewers of the internet voloslive, which showed yesterday’s match, makes them unshakable witnesses to the tragic image of thumping, throwing objects and the entry of fans into the playing field, endangering the integrity of our footballers. We hope that Mr. Papadopoulos will never have to represent us in a courtroom as our legal advisor for obvious reasons!

PS: He himself attacked a football player of our team, but nevertheless his hospitality was impeccable.

Source: thenewspaper.gr

Source: Sport Fm

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