Without people and with the bull, AEK in Ioannina


Without she will officially fight for the support of the world AEK at Yannena.

Confirming her already known his intention not to exist guests fans at Sunday’s match, o PAS announced that only holders will be entitled to enter duration.

Those in particular will not be the only ones who will be able to buy ticket of the match, with a superior number two.

The announcement in detail

“THE P.A.E PAS YIANNINA 1966 informs that in the match of the 12th matchday of the Super League Greece 2023-2024 against the AEK at the “Zosimades” National Stadium on Sunday (26/11, 17:00), the right to enter will be season ticket holders who will be able to purchase up to two additional tickets.

Tickets will be available exclusively from the ticket offices at the offices of P.A.E. in PEAKI.

The following ticket prices will apply for this match:

DOORS 3-4-6 -> €30

GATE 9 -> €20

DOOR 3VIP -> €40

DOOR 5 GOLD -> €50

Children up to 16 years old (birth date 2007 and after) for gates 3-4-6-9 -> 10€

The opening hours of the ticket department at the team offices in PEAKI will be: MONDAY to FRIDAY from 10:00 to 20:00 and SATURDAY from 10:00 to 16:00.

To enter the stadium, it is necessary to present a driver’s license and a public identification document (Police ID/Passport).

For this reason, individual match tickets will not be issued and the ticket offices of the stadium will remain closed, while the sale of tickets via Viva.gr will also be closed for the said match.

By decision of the PAE, individual tickets will not be issued for the fans and for the home match against Aris (matchday 22) of the 2023-2024 season.”


1. To enter the stadium any spectator, regardless of age, requires a valid, numbered and named ticket, invitation, season exchange ticket (hereinafter “Ticket”), which corresponds to a seated spectator’s seat. It is forbidden for the spectator to come and stay in a position other than the one indicated on his ticket. Please keep your ticket until the end of the match.

2. To issue the ticket and to enter the stadium, it is necessary to fill in your name and AMKA number, or for those who do not have a passport number, as well as to show a police ID or passport in order to identify your details.

3. Minors under fourteen (14) years of age must be accompanied by an adult whose name is written on the ticket.

4. It is prohibited to exchange, resell and generally make available or trade the Tickets, as well as the supply of tickets on behalf of third parties in the context of commercial activity.

5. Before or during your entry to the stadium you will be subject to a physical check, baggage check as well as any other item you bring when you arrive and enter it.

6. The area of ​​the sports facility is supervised by electronic means of monitoring and recording. During your entry-exit or stay at the stadium, you may be photographed, videotaped or recorded, in accordance with the provisions of Article 5 of the General Terms and Conditions at the stadium.

7. The legal holder of the seat of the registered ticket is responsible for any deterioration of his seat.

8. P.A.E. P.A.S. GIANNINA 1966 reserves the right to change without notice the dates, times, venue, participants and playing periods.

9. It is prohibited to bring, upon entering and staying in the sports facility, items that can be used for acts of violence (fireworks, flares, alcoholic beverages, etc.). Still the security staff of the stadium has the right to deny you entry or expel you in case you are in a state of intoxication and / or harass other people in the sports facility. Also prohibited is anything dangerous or inappropriate or deemed likely to disrupt the smooth monitoring and safe conduct of the matches, such as indicative and not limiting: a) weapons, ammunition, explosives, chemical or incendiary devices, tear gas, knives, poles, bats, umbrellas, and in general any item that can cause bodily harm, b) narcotics or other prohibited substances, c) bicycles, mopeds, skates, d) t-shirts, hats, bags and other items with clear company trademarks as well as imitations of P.’s products. S.A., e) banners, signs, announcements, brochures, and publications with defamatory, provocative or obscene content as well as any printed material of political, commercial or advertising content, etc.

10. In the event of your participation in incidents or other acts and actions, as described above, which are not consistent with sportsmanship and / or constitute defamation of the game, the sport, the PAE and its athletes, it reserves the right to immediately removing you from the field and/or banning you from future matches.

11. Tickets are non-exchangeable and non-refundable.

12. P.A.E. is fully exempted from all liability for any injury, damage, loss, civil liability of the owners-spectators, which may be connected with watching the match at the stadium in any way, howsoever caused including the case connected with any act or omission of P.A.E.

13. P.A.E. reserves all its rights in the event that you violate any of the conditions described herein or are involved in any way in one of the above actions and / or actions and in particular to compensate for any damage, positive and negative, that it will suffer from your actions, deeds and behavior in general during the match, including any damages that may be caused to the position you hold as well as the prosecution of criminal offenses that may take place before, during and at the end of the match match.

14. You must comply with the conditions herein, as well as the General Conditions of Entry to the Stadium, which appear on the website and are posted at the ticket offices of the stadium and at the official ticket sales points of P.A.E.

15. The security staff of the stadium has the right to deny you entry or expel you in case you do not comply with the Terms of Entry to the Stadium.

16.”The collection and/or transmission and/or production and/or dissemination of any information or data regarding the progress of the match, or any kind of recording of any sound, video or audio-visual material in any match (whether using electronic devices or otherwise) for the purposes of any form of betting, gaming or commercial activities not approved in advance or for other purposes that violate the terms and conditions of contractual partnerships, is strictly prohibited in the Stadiums/Fields of the Championship, except in cases where permission is expressly sponsored by the Super League and the host P.A.E. Cell phones may only be used for personal, private use. In the event of a violation of these terms and conditions, the offending fans should, as far as possible, be removed from the field under the supervision of the host P.A.E., if such a thing comes to its attention.”

Source: Sport Fm

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