Panathinaikos beat Azerbaijan and… a breath away from qualification!


Impeccable Panathinaikos in Baku!

The “greens” prevailed with a score of 3-0 Harry Buell Buell Sousaas a result of which they now only need two sets in the return match at home (29/11, Metz), so that they qualify for the “16” of Challenge Cup!

Somehow, Mr Panathinaikos he may already be… looking to the next stage, where, if he does his duty in the rematch, he will face the winner between Monza and the Sporting Lisbon.

In the first set, Panathinaikos quickly took a 4-point lead (1-5). From then on, the “greens” kept a distance from the hosts, who tried to get closer, without equalizing or taking the lead. His team Dimitris Andreopoulou he found a good run at the end and managed to take the first set 20-25.

The second set came even easier in the hands of the “greens”, as with a good block and a pressing serve they managed to reach the +10 (14-24), before making it 2-0 at 17-25. The final set was also the most competitive as the home team tried to chip away and took an early lead. The Azeris held it until the end of the set, when the “greens” made their counterattack and finally took it again with 20-25.

Hernandez and Kovar they counted 15 points each, while Petraes stood out with 10 while also having 7 blocks. It is also worth noting that participation time was also taken by Ierethuelo to find a racing rhythm.

The sets: 20-25, 17-25, 20-25

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