“Equipe” journalist: “UEFA reduces the capacity of the OPAP Arena so as not to damage the horseshoe of AEK fans”


His own dimension around the issue with the “OPAP Arena” horseshoe closed bottom says one of the leading French journalists.

THE Luak Tanzi who works at ‘Equipe’, uploaded a tweet with the pitch closed and a large banner of her UEFA which mentions “respect” to fill the gap. With the French reporter stressing that the stand remains closed so that there is no damage from fans of other teams, since it is the horseshoe of the organized Union.

“Big UEFA tarpaulin to reduce capacity of Athens stadium tonight to 26,000 to prevent fans of other clubs from damaging AEK’s stand”He wrote.

Earlier, it should be recalled that sportfm.gr informed you that the latest information indicates that the horseshoe will remain closed following a recommendation-decision by the police, since fans of the French national team will be hosted directly above them.

Source: Sport Fm

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