A Leicester fan booked the pitch and … handed out punches to the Nottingham Forest players!


Incredible scenes – similar to which we have seen for several years in an English stadium – unfolded in her game Nottingham Forest with the Leicester (4-1) for the FA Cup and in the qualification of his team Vangelis Marinakis in the “16” of the institution!

And this is because after the 2-0 achievement of the hosts in the 24th minute, one fan of the “foxes” booked undisturbed on the pitch of “City Ground” and began to punches Nottingham players indiscriminately who had gathered at one point and were celebrating the goal!

In fact, as you can see in the videos below, the fan managed to throw some “full” punchesbefore the security of the stadium to catch him and remove him …

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Source: Sport-fm

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