Jovanovic: “We gave PAOK the right to become dangerous”


Great concern prevails in Panathinaikos after the defeat by PAOK, according to what the Ivan Jovanovic at Novasports, after the game.

The coach of the “greens” stood in the image of the team in the second half of the match and stressed that this gave the right to the “biceps of the north” to overturn the score.

«It is not something that is common, of course it concerns us. Not every game is the same. In the last games we concede the goal in the last phases, but in every game for a different reason. Today’s game has nothing to do with OFI or Asteras. Today what gave PAOK the right to change the game was the problem we had in the second half with some forced changes in the midfield.

We did not fully control the first half, but at least we did not take any risks and we could have created danger. In the second, PAOK dominated in the center area, we could not organize and reduce the pressure. Not many phases were created, but the two that took place were enough. The main reason was the performance we had in the second half, at no point did we manage to become dangerous and we gave the right to PAOK to become dangerous until the end “.

Regarding what will change, he said: “We are in a period of bad results, they definitely bring negative psychology. We are trying to find solutions. It has brought us far back in the championship what is happening, it creates concern for everyone. It is not something we have not encountered in the past, with the returns we will have a different picture. Lately we have not shown what we can do».

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Source: Sport-fm

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