Kalmazidis: “We played well in block, defense”


Yiannis Kalmazidis emphasized that the good defense and the good block of Panathinaikos made it difficult for CSM to attack, which he considers to be a team with excellent reception and good central and wing players, he believes that they had the necessary concentration and now asked them to focus on the next game .

Analytically: “The team we played today was very tough and undoubtedly that gives value to our victory as well. The Romanians are a team that has a very good reception, a strong center and good wings. Consequently, this all makes for a very powerful set.

In order for us to win, we played very well in the block and in defense and I think the ‘key’ was that they couldn’t find easy scoring. Today we were focused on our game, our mind is now on the rematch”.

Sheridan Atkinson said: “We got a valuable win today and we’re certainly very happy about it. This time we came strong at the beginning of the match and, although we had some problems in the development of the match, we solved them and reached the desired result. This match ends here today and nothing has been decided as we have a rematch in Bucharest where we must rise to the occasion.”

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